Adaptive Spray Introduction


Always the best vision when preparing and excavating without changing instruments or settings.

Why a new Adaptive Spray?

Every dentist is aware of the typical situation: during preparation and excavation there is a need to constantly switch from dry low speed preparation, chip blow action to high-speed full water spray preparation. The  setting on the unit, the handpiece and  the air/water syringe are changed all the time.

In contrast,  Adaptive Spray  operates with one pedal with the handpiece. Modes are changed intuitively and continuously.  This technology saves up to 60% treatment time* during preparation compared to regular dental units. 

With the Adaptive Spray there is no need to change settings,  handpiece and the air/water-syringe. 

* clinical simulation of deep cavity preparation comparing  standard and Adaptive Spray settings on DSA 3500 dental units. ORMED Institute for Oral Medicine at the University of Witten Herdecke, Germany. 2018. Data on file.

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